Divorce Appraisals

Ending a marriage through divorce can be stressful and trying. One of the most significant things often disputed during a divorce is the disposition of the real estate (who gets to keep it) and the value of the real estate, especially the family home. One party might buy the other party out, or. both parties may decide to sell the real estate and divide the proceeds. Either way, it’s important to get a fair and accurate divorce appraisal that is defendable in court and is well supported through proper appraisal procedure.

In order to stay current on trends in divorce appraisal procedure, Curt Remington took continuing education classes, in 2023, on divorce and estate appraisals and another class on court testimony. He is also experienced with and available for court testimony, if necessary.

In performing divorce appraisals we treat the parties to the divorce and the attorneys professionally, respecting confidentiality and remaining sensitive to the stress that the situation may create.

 For more information about divorce appraisals, check out this article on Lawyers.com, or give us a call.